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New Products & Latest R&D Developments

2014 was an important and successful year for NovaTec Immundiagnostica GmbH. We have been able to bring new products into the market and to accomplish our goals towards the adaptation of our products to new technologies. 

The addition of these products allows us not only to increase our product offering but also to continue to meet our customers needs and market demands.

Our goal is to continue to work on new R&D projects which will bring new parameters to our existing product lines. With that in mind, we have recently hired new scientists who will be working on such projects and who are also eager to take on new challenges and explore new ideas. 

Through the years your input and support has been extremely important to guide us and show us where we should focus our efforts. Having said that, we encourage you to continue to approach us with your ideas and suggestions for new projects, which are both interesting and potentially profitable for all of us. 

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